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The Cubs and Nationals have had a rain-affected adventure this weekend

Sunday’s Say Hey, Baseball takes a look at the wacky weekend that the Cubs and Nationals have had so far.

Chicago Cubs v Washington Nationals - Game Two Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

To say that the Cubs and Nationals have been having a weird weekend in the District of Columbia would be an understatement. Mother Nature has determined that the U.S. capital is in need of some rain this weekend and rain is already a four-letter word when it comes to baseball. It’s even worse when the rain happens to occur in September and a team that’s involved in a playoff race is gets caught up in it. The Cubs absolutely have to get these games in by hook or crook and it’s up to MLB to figure out the best way to make sure that the games are played in a neat and orderly fashion.

So far during this weekend, this hasn’t happened. Despite the fact that a decent-sized weather system was going to roll over Nationals Park for most of the game window on Friday night, MLB made the bizarre decision to try to get the game in after a preliminary rain delay. They ended up getting halfway through the first inning before postponing the game at nearly midnight, which meant that the Cubs ended up burning Jon Lester for no good reason.

Chicago sure could have used Lester in Game 1 of Saturday’s doubleheader because they ended up getting walloped 10-3 by the Nationals. Washington ended up getting nine innings out of Max Scherzer, while Joe Maddon made it a bullpen game for his club. Chicago got to use Cole Hamels for that game, but his stint ended up being for naught after the Nationals scored five runs in the sixth and seventh innings to pull ahead of Chicago for a 6-5 win. While the first game had a clean slate with weather, the nightcap had to deal with rain and the game eventually finished at around 1:45 AM local time.

Needless to say, there are some frustrated people on both sides of the coin. Obviously the crew from the North Side of Chicago are going to be even more frustrated since they were on the losing end of this weird 48-hour saga. The “best” part of it all is that the players now get to go take a quick nap before preparing for another game this afternoon. Don’t you just love September baseball? At least the fans who braved it all got to see Sean Doolittle use the bullpen cart — that truly made this entire adventure worth it.

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