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Lakers fans were outraged with the petty Bulls preventing them from getting free tacos

Petty? In the NBA? Why I never.

Lakers fans were visibly and audibly upset Tuesday night during their team’s seven-point win over the Bulls, and it had nothing to do with anything other than tacos.

The Lakers have a long-running promotion going on with Jack In The Box. If they win at home and hold their opponent below 100 points, everybody at Staples Center gets a coupon for two free tacos at the establishment:

As you can tell from the promotion above, the Lakers and their fans take this very seriously.

The Lakers looked like they were easily going to get their fans the tacos.

The Bulls had just 83 points with 2:19 left in the game, which seems like a safe situation to secure free tacos, given the rules. However, the Bulls made a push, and had 98 points with just 35 seconds to go. They were determined to play spoiler.

That pissed off Lakers fans. After Kentavious Caldwell-Pope split a pair of free throws with 19.2 seconds, you can hear one yelling, “It’s really messed up you’re trying to stop us from getting tacos!”:

The fan is right in that it’s messed up that the Bulls tried so hard to stop fans from getting their free tacos when the game was out of reach. Eventually, they successfully did after a pair of free throws from Shaq Harrison.

The more important thing here is the level of petty the Bulls went.

The fan yelling his displeasure is funny, there’s no question about that. But the amount of effort the Bulls put in to keep Lakers fans from tacos is even funnier.

The Bulls were not going to win this game and they could have easily conceded and helped the people of Los Angeles by chilling. This was a serious effort in a regular-season game that does not matter. I betcha Fred Hoiberg would like to know where this was in games that actually mattered.

This is up there with some of the higher levels of petty possible. It’s not quite Kyrie Irving trying to toss Jamal Murray’s 48-point game ball into another galaxy, but it’s relatively close.

I support the move by the Bulls. That’s not out of spite to fans, but the disappointment in so many thousands of faces at once is delicious. Kind of like the tacos they’re missing out on.

Lakers fans have had the taco promotion go in their favor in previous nights, so you shouldn’t feel too bad for them. Though, the Pistons did play spoiler less than a week ago. The Lakers are on a bad free taco streak.

Plus, I mean, they’ll get LeBron James back from injury soon.

Y’all don’t need tacos that bad.