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Dunking Klay Thompson is the best Klay Thompson

Thompson recorded a career-high four dunks against the Nuggets and let the world know about it.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson is a shooter, and — despite a season-long slump — a deadeye shooter at that. He spends most of his time sniping from behind the three-point line. But as a result, Thompson doesn’t get to dunk as often as he’d like.

That all changed in the Warriors’ blowout victory over the Nuggets on Tuesday night. Thompson recorded four dunks against Denver, all one-handed, all off the dribble. Four dunks were the most he’d ever had in a game in his NBA career.

On his fourth dunk, Thompson raised the roof, and his teammates on the bench got a kick out of it.

When he finally exited the game in the fourth quarter, The Athletic’s Anthony Slater reports that Thompson yelled, “Career-high, baby! Four dunks.”

Thompson also had a longstanding bet with former teammate and current Detroit Pistons center Zaza Pachulia over who would get more dunks. After slamming four times against the Nuggets, Thompson’s dunk tally on the season rose to 11. When told the score between he and Pachulia on the season — 11 to 1 — Thompson texted Pachulia, “You have 1 dunk. I have 11 this year. Pay me.”

In the middle of his interview.

First, let’s appreciate Thompson for knowing his career-high in dunks. Four is a good number. They were all the same, but after he got two dunks, it looked like he was fishing for a new career-high.

Second — Pachulia has to catch up. He’s been out with a leg contusion, but once he gets back, look for him to try to dunk on your favorite big man. (Key word: try).