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Pacquiao vs. Broner results: Recap and more from Manny’s big win

Manny Pacquiao dominated Adrien Broner on Saturday. We have a recap and round-by-round analysis from the pay-per-view card on Saturday.

Boxing: Pacquiao vs Broner Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Manny Pacquiao dominated Adrien Broner in their surprisingly entertaining main event of a Showtime boxing card on Saturday. Pacquiao, in his first bout since turning 40 years old, retained his WBA world welterweight title with a unanimous decision victory.

Pacquiao looked much faster than he has in recent fights, showcasing his style of amazing angles combined with flurries of punches to consistently overwhelm Broner. Compared to how he’s looked in his last two or three fights, Pacquiao once again looked like the dominant champion he once was.

He worked the body early and often, while Broner played a game that was purely defensive, depending on his counter-punching. He did get some of those counter-punches in, but not nearly enough to make it that close of a bout. Going into the championship rounds, Broner arguably only took one of the previous ten rounds.

Now sitting at 61-7-2 for his career, the question becomes: what’s next for Pacquiao? Many have been talking about a potential rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Pacquiao, for his part, showed plenty to make that seem probable going forward.

In the co-feature, undefeated Marcus Browne and Badou Jack went to war. Both fighters had their moments, but Browne controlled the action for most of the bout, and a nasty cut on Jack’s forehead in the middle rounds became a gusher and hampered him throughout the final six rounds or so. It’s surprising the fight wasn’t stopped given the sheer amount of blood leaking out of him (and splashing on the referee, commentators and probably the audience).

Still, it was a close, exciting bout that Browne took by unanimous decision, winning the vacant WBC silver light heavyweight strap.

The main card’s second bout saw Rau’see Warren face off against Nordine Oubaali for the vacant WBC world bantamweight title. Warren and Oubaali put on a fantastic fight, going the distance, but it was Oubaali who was more active and did more damage, ultimately winning a close unanimous decision.

In the opening bout of the pay-per-view broadcast, Hugo Ruiz faced Alberto Guevara, a late replacement for Jhack Tepora, who came in five pounds overweight at the weigh-ins. While Ruiz would have had his hands full with Tepora, he easily dominated Guevara for 10 rounds for a unanimous decision, though many were disappointed he wasn’t more aggressive after scoring a knockdown in the opening frame.

Below, you can find the round-by-round action from our live blog of the main card, as well as full results from the entire card on Saturday.

Manny Pacquiao def. Adrien Broner via unanimous decision

Round 1: And we’re off! Pacquiao starting by pawing the jab out there, and they tie up briefly. Pacquiao gets Broner against the ropes and Broner immediately holds him to get away. Pacquiao comes forward with a three-punch combo, but Broner gets out of the way. Pacquiao eats short counter left, but then lands one of his own from the right side, followed by a left hook. Straight to the body from Pacquiao, and a right uppercut from Broner. Hard left to the body by Pacquiao as the first round ends. Not a dominant round for either fighter, but Pacquiao threw more and landed more.

Round 2: Broner probing with the jab as he tries to find his range. Short right hook to the body from Broner. Broner goes one-two over the top but Pacquiao avoids them. Hard right straight form Broner, and Pacquiao responds with a quick flurry of four punches, but Broner ducks and circles. Massive right over the top lands flush for Pacquiao, and Broner drops his guard, eating a double jab from Pacquiao’s left. Broner may have landed a hard shot early, but Pacquiao is dominating these close flurries. Two big lefts to the body from Pacquiao. Counter right from Broner lands. Definitely a Pacquiao round.

Round 3: Pacquiao comes right out with a double-jab combo and a big left hook that just misses. He’s got Broner on the ropes, but the younger fighter circles away. Massive left hand from Pacquiao hurts Broner, who has to clinch to avoid a flurry. Short counter shot from Broner lands after a bit of jabbing from range. Big left to the body from Pacquiao, and then another. Two big jabs from Pacquiao, and Broner is essentially running away in the final 10 seconds here. Another big Pacquiao round!

Round 4: Broner connects with two big counters in the first 30 seconds of this round, but Pacquiao isn’t shying away from the fight. He comes forward with a big right hand that came from nowhere, but Broner escapes the follow-ups. Good right jab from Pacquiao, and Broner just misses with the counter. That’s the punch Broner wants, and Pacquiao can’t get too comfortable sitting on that jab. Hard left to the body from Pacquiao and Broner responds with a nice counter. Broner could have won that round!

Round 5: Broner throwing more in this round, but Pacquiao comes forward with some big combinations, which Broner circles away from. Pacquiao lands a nice right jab. Broner trying very hard to stay active offensively, but Pacquiao is so dangerous he’s having trouble finding his windows. Big left hook from Pacquiao lands, and an even bigger one is just avoided by Broner.

Round 6: Hard left to the body from Pacquiao, then a stiff right jab. Another big left to the body from Pacquiao. He’s sitting on his punches more, and Broner is definitely feeling it. Another big left to the body on Broner. Broner lands a stiff counter left right at the bell, and it did some damage. Still, ti was probably Pacquiao’s round.

Round 7: Pacquiao is chasing Broner now, landing his punches in flurries. Broner is getting the occasional counter in, but he’s landing one punch at a time while Pacquiao is just peppering him. Broner may be surprised by just how fast Pacquiao remains at 40 years old. Big hook from Pacquiao did some damage, then another hard left hand over the top. Pacquiao gets Broner into the corner and he starts unloading. He fires off about a dozen punches, and Broner ties up. They are separated, and Pacquiao goes right back to it, peppering Broner’s midsection with hooks. Broner just survives to the bell but that could have been a 10-8 round.

Round 8: Broner connects with a nice left counter right at the start of this round, then a counter uppercut after getting pressed to the ropes. Pacquiao a bit more tentative, but he connects with some sharp jabs. He’s eating hard shots when he does low, so he throws two big overhands, both of which land. Pacquiao ducks a jab and lands a hard left hook to the head. Big jab to the body from Pacquiao. We’re headed to the ninth, with Pacquiao likely up by a lot.

Round 9: Short left to the body from Pacquiao, following a right jab. Big left hand over the top, then a one-two for Pacquiao. Broner tries to tie it up, and Pacquiao is getting away from it. Broner ... grabs Pacquiao’s leg? The referee is having none of that. Massive left hand that staggers broner, who backs into the ropes and turtles up with 30 seconds left. Pacquiao again with a big flurry, then another. Broner has recovered, and even throws a hard right jab, and at the 10-second mark, he ducks a massive straight that probably would have floored him.

Round 10: Right jab from Pacquiao lands, left jab from Broner misses. Big left to the body from Pacquiao, and Broner is now avoiding those shots — he’s taken several. Right jab from Broner lands, and he slips the follow-up from Pacquiao. Another left to the body from Pacquiao. Broner with a strong counter left, but he’s still far too inactive. He eats a hard right hook over the top.

Round 11: Left jab from Broner lands early, and a counter right hook. Then he eats a body shot and a right hook over the top, and then another big body shot. Broner keeps looking at the clock, and nearly eats a hook that would have taken his head off. Broner with a good straight right, but Pacquiao continues to swarm. Broner now trying to avoid as much as possible. Pacquiao dives in with a left to the body, and a winging left hook that just misses. Broner survives to the final round.

Round 12: Pacquiao has some swelling under his eye, but he’s still looking fresh out there, while Broner isn’t engaging. Another hook to the body from Pacquiao. Straight left up top for Pacquiao. This round is very inactive as Broner spends most of his time running away. Not a good look for him. This will be Pacquiao or somebody made a very bad mistake.

Marcus Browne def. Badou Jack via unanimous decision

Round 1: Browne uncorks the first big shot, trying for a massive right hook, but Jack blocks the bulk of it. They tie up, and Jack ands a short shot to the body. Browne goes with a three-punch combo, two of which go to the body and land. Left straight over the top from Browne, then a short right hook, though Jack defends them well. Hook to the body from Jack. Browne is throwing with serious power, which could be a factor if this one goes the distance. Short hook to the body and a big right hook upstairs from Browne. It’s a slow start for Jack, but there’s (probably) a lot of fight left.

Round 2: Big right over the top from Jack after another feelingout period. Straight to the body from Jack. Browne lands some strong shots to the body, and works the jab. This one slowed down a lot in the second round, ntot a whole lot going on. It’s probably Browne’s round just because he was more active.

Round 3: Three-punch combo from Browne, again, and all three land, including two big body shots. Hard body shot from Jack, who then misses with a slow right hook. The jab fake followed by a big followup hook JUST misses for Jack. Jack gets Browne against the ropes and works the body with a few hard punches. Another hard body shot for Jack, who is doing a good job of getting in and out. He pushes Browne to the ropes again and lands a few short body shots. Definitely Jack’s best round thus far.

Round 4: Browne is getting a bit more aggressive, at least to start this fourth round. He comes forward and goes to the body several times in the first minute. Jack gets a counter left in there occasionally, but Browne is putting the pressure on. He has Jack backing up for much of this round.

Round 5: Jack ties up early, and is separated. The referee warns Jack for holding, and warns him a second time. Referee stops the bout and tells both fighters they need to stop holding. Jack gets Browne against the ropes and lands a nice left hook, and then some hard body shots. They tie up and are separated two more times, and then a third. Browne is holding Jack’s arms when they tie up. OK, and they tie up again. And again. All of these are initiated by Jack, and Browne comes out with some huge punches. He connects with a body shot, then a big left hook. Jack looks tired and this one may be over soon if he keeps fighting like that.

Round 6: Jack lands two hard body shots, and when he goes up top, Browne ties him up this time. And they’re separated. The referee is getting sick of the holding and both corners have been warned multiple times. Browne with a nice high-low combination. Jack has stepped it up and he’s throwing, but Browne is the faster, more powerful striker right now.

Round 7: Jack comes forward throwing hard, with two big hooks, one of which lands hard up top. Brown responds with a strong punch to the body, but Jack walks him into the ropes and connects on a few short body shots of his own. Browne is weathering the storm, but he ties up multiple times. And the referee takes a point away from Browne! Jack initiated about a dozen more tie-ups than Browne, but Browne gets the point taken away. Jack has a cut on his face that’s leaking blood.

Round 8: Jack lands two hard right hands up top, then a short hook to the body. Browne tags Jack with a hard hook to the jaw. Browne wings two hooks, massive hooks on either side of Jack’s face, and the blood is just leaking from his head. Jack probably can’t see very well. This one slows down in the latter half of the round, but Browne most certainly took it.

Round 9: Browne is definitely going for that cut on Jack’s forehead. He was focusing a lot on the body previously, but now he’s getting the jab out there far more, trying to get it flowing to block Jack’s vision. Jack is turtling, covering up his face, and there really is no room for offense from him. Browne is just peppering his gloves and occasionally grazing Jack’s face, which is enough at the moment.

Round 10: Browne comes out firing, but he gets turned around in the corner and Jack has a burst of offense, peppering him with jabs and hooks. Browne weathers the storm and gets out of it, but Jack keeps up the pressure for much of the round. He certainly doesn’t look tired anymore, but he doesn’t connect with anything big.Round 11: Browne comes forward again, throwing hard jabs as Jack tries to protect himself. The fight is stopped briefly so Jack can be examined by the doctors, because his face is entirely coated in blood. They resume fighting, and Browne goes back to the jab with short hooks. Jack lands a hard right hook that may have staggered Browne, and we’re heading to Round 12.

Round 12: Jack lands another hard hook, and Browne is backing up immediately. He ties up. Right now, Browne is in survival mode, trying to get to the judges because Jack is throwing everything he has. Short left straight from Browne lands up top. Body shot from Jack. Short right uppercut from Jack lands, but Browne should have this as the fight ends.

Nordine Oubaali def. Rau’shee Warren via unanimous decision

Round 1: Oubaali tries for some quick jabs to the body, and misses with a huge overhand that Warren circles away from. Warren quickly gets to flicking his right jab out there, trying to establish it early. Right hand to the body from Oubaali, but it just grazes. Hard left hook from Warren, then two hard jabs over the top and a third to the body. Oubaali is throwing a lot, pressing the pace, but Warren is keeping himelf out of danger. Oubaali pressures Warren into the corner, and Warren eats a hard right as he’s escaping. Warren throws several jabs after that. Very good first round, but it’s hard to call it either way!

Round 2: Oubaali is just trying to keep his hands out there — he’s throwing a ton of punches, many of which aren’t landing, but he’s doing a good job of controlling the pace. Warren is looking a little gunshy as Oubaali throws so much. Left hook from Warren misses, but he does get back to the right jab, backing Oubaali up. Warren comes in, trying to take the center of the ring, but he eats a stiff counter right, and then another one, and he stumbles briefly. He definitely took some serious damage there, but the round ends.

Round 3: Hard right jab from Warren, and Oubaali hits him with a short counter left. Oubaali gets Warren against the ropes and connects with a right hook and a big jab. Right hook to the body from Oubaali as Warren gets out of the corner and away from the ropes. Oubaali comes forward with some wild hooks, getting Warren against the ropes again and teeing off, but Warren does some good avoiding this time, and gets out of the way. And now in the final seconds we have a brawl, with both fighters swinging counter hooks. Warren may have got the better of these latter exchanges, with both landing hard shots, but it’s still probably Oubaali’s round.

Round 4: Warren comes out looking to do some damage after a rough round. He connects with a jab to the body, then a follow-up up top. Big right hook from Warren up top, and then he avoids a hard jab from Oubaali. Overhand left from Oubaali lands. High-action round, though nobody took a ton of damage.

Round 5: Warren continues to try and take the center of the ring, and Oubaali has stopped throwing with the same amount of gusto as earlier rounds. Warren misses a winging right hook voer the top, and lands a hard left hook to the body as Oubaali throws a counter over the top. Big left hand from Oubaali misses, but the follow-up jab combo is good. Two massive right hooks from Oubaali land and back Warren up big time.

Round 6: Big right hook from Oubaali to start the round, but he whiffs on a straight left to the body. He eats two hooks for his troubles, then a hard jab, and then another. Counter left for Oubaali lands, but Warren responds with two big right hooks. Big flurry right near the end of the round, with Warren landing body shots and Oubaali connecting up top. This one is really close!

Round 7: Warren’s jabs are doing some real work in these latter rounds. He staggers Oubaali with a stiff jab, but Oubaali comes forward and wings two big hooks, one of which lands on the body. Another jab from Warren over the top, and Oubaali misses with the counter right. Left hook to the body from Warren. Oubaali gets Warren against the ropes and Oubaali hits him with a short right hand. Warren comes forward with two big right hooks, and eats another short counter, this one stumbles Warren, and Oubaali swarms. He tries to put him down, but Warren survives the storm and makes it to the round without going down.

Round 8: Warren comes out a bit slow, he’s probably still feeling that late push from Oubaali. Big right hook from Oubaali lands and Warren has to figure out this punch. Oubaali has connected multiple times with it, and again. Warren is losing ground fast in this bout.

Round 9: Big jab from Warren, then another, and Oubaali pauses his onslaught for the moment. Warren’s jab remains a deterrent, but Oubaali is not absorbing much damage with three rounds to go. Short right hook from Warren connects up top. Two hard body shots from Oubaali, then Warren throws a three-punch combo, but eats another one of Oubaali’s hard counters, right on the chin. Warren is responding to Oubaali’s pressure well, but the pressure is still effective. If this goes to the scorecards, somebody is going to be upset.

Round 10: Oubaali comes forward this time, and he connects with a couple stiff jabs. Warren is a bit more inactive through the first half of this round. Warren ducks a massive hook from Oubaali, and gets tagged with a short left hook. He throws a hard jab of his own. The two are letting go and swinging a lot more than the previous round now, with Oubaali landing the better of the shots.

Round 11: More jabs from Warren. Huge left hook from Warren is ducked by Warren, who throws one of his own, and it’s partially blocked by Oubaali. Hard left to the body from Oubaali. Three big shots over the top land for Oubaali, and Warren once again slowed down in the back half of this round. He’s not sitting down on his punches and he’s throwing at a much lower volume.

Round 12: Left hook from Warren misses and he eats a hard right to the body, and a short left hook to the jaw. They tie up on the ropes. Oubaali throws a three-punch combo but Warren dodges all of it. Oubaali connects with a short left hook, but Warren walks through it. Short right hook this time from Oubaali, and it lands. Warren is walking him down, but eating plenty of shots when he comes in. Two big hooks from Warren miss, but he connects on a shorter right hook to the head. Another hard left from Oubaali. He gets Warren against the ropes and lands two big straight lefts to the head. This one was close, but Oubaali should win it.

Hugo Ruiz def. Alberto Guevara via unanimous decision

Round 1: Ruiz comes out with the aggression, and lands a hard right hook early. Guevara sneaks through his guard and lands a short uppercut, but eats a one-two from Ruiz and is dropped to the mat early in the first round. They tie up and are separated, with Ruizl nading some very hard body shots in the process. Guevara doesn’t really get any good shots in over the first round, save for the short uppercut right before he went down.

Round 2: Guevara comes out swinging in the second round, but Ruiz is such a powerful puncher that he’s quickly backed up. Ruiz connects with multiple hard body shots and Guevara looks overmatched here. Ruiz continues to control the pace and Guevara just isn’t able to land much.

Round 3: Left straight from Guevara lands up high, but Ruiz responds with a vicious left hook to the body. Guevara fires off two big right hands, but Ruiz avoids both. It’s a slow round this time around. Ruiz backs Guevara into the corner but can’t do much with the positioning.

Round 4: Ruiz comes out very fast, winging a left hook to the body and two big right hands over the top, though Guevara avoids the latter two shots. After they tie up briefly, Ruiz fires off a four-punch combo, with the finishing left hook just missing, and it was the most deadly shot. Left hand lands up top for Ruiz. Hard body shot from Ruiz. Ruiz steps right into a stiff jab from Guevara, and eats a follow-up punch that did some damage from Guevara. Left jab from Ruiz.

Round 5: Ruiz’s biggest issue through four rounds is that he’s doing a poor job of cutting off the ring — Guevara is escaping to his right every time without issues. After about a minute where nobody lands much, Ruiz has a low blow on Guevara, and the fight is briefly stopped. Double jab from Ruiz when they resume. They both connect on hard body shots as they tie up. Huge overhand right from Ruiz misses.

Round 6: Left uppercut from from Ruiz to start, and a one-two to the body. Ruiz is sort of keeping Guevara in this one despite clearly having the skill and tools to stop this fight. He’s not fighting with much urgency, but then again, neither is Guevara. Big left hook from Ruiz misses as Guevara circles away. One-two over the top from Ruiz connects, and they tie up. Right hand over the top lands for Guevara, and a short jab.

Round 7: Guevara comes forward with the jab, but Ruiz quickly unloads, landing a hook to the body and connecting with some jabs of his own. Ruiz continues to walk down Guevara, but he lets him out. Every time he corners him, he lets him out. Jab to the body from Ruiz. Left uppercut from Ruiz followed by a right jab lands for Ruiz. Hard right over the top grazes Guevara as the round ends.

Round 8: Left jab over the top for Ruiz followed by a big right to the body. Short right hand counter for Guevara as Ruiz wings a big hook. Guevara comes in for a jab, and Ruiz lands a counter right of his own. And repeat exactly what just happened, with Guevara landing a short counter right when they get in tight spaces. Heavy left hand to the body for Ruiz, who also just misses with a hard left uppercut.

Round 9: Hook to the body from Guevara, and Ruiz responds with a one-two over the top. Right hook over the top from Ruiz is ducked, and they tie up. Ruiz gets Guevara into the corner and throws a series of left hooks to the body, extremely hard shots. Guevara gets out of the corner. Short right hand over the top from Guevara.

Round 10: Ruiz is coming forward and presses Guevara to the ropes. He throws two big hooks and a big shot to the body, but he allows Guevara to go low and tie him up again. Ruiz is landing some great combos, but he’s just missing that extra bit of follow-through. Guevara spends most of this room circling, avoiding the knockout punch — he knows he’s lost virtually every round thus far. Nothing big lands for either as the fight ends. This one was all Ruiz.

Hello! We’re here for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner live blog. We’ll have round-by-round coverage of the four-fight pay-per-view card. The current round and bout will always be at the top of this article, while previous rounds and bouts, as well as a list of results on Saturday, can be found below. We’ll be rolling once the first fight gets underway not long after 9 p.m. ET!

Pacquiao vs. Broner fight card results

Welterweight: Manny Pacquiao def. Adrien Broner via unanimous decision
Featherweight: Marcus Browne def. Badou Jack via unanimous decision
Bantamweight: Nordine Oubaali def. Rau’shee Warren via unanimous decision
Featherweight: Hugo Ruiz def. Alberto Guevara via unanimous decision

Pacquiao vs. Broner fight card results (untelevised)

Lightweight: George Kambosos Jr. def. Rey Perez via unanimous decision
Welterweight: Jonathan Steele def. Jayar Inson via split decision
Super featherweight: Desmond Jarmon def. Canton Miller via majority decision
Welterweight: Destyne Butler def. David Payne via unanimous decision
Cruiserweight: Viddal Riley def. Mitchell Spangler via TKO

Four titles will be on the line for the four-fight pay-per-view boxing card presented by Showtime on Saturday. In the main event, legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao will once again don the gloves as he tries to get his 61st win as a professional. He’ll be facing Adrien Broner for Pacquiao’s WBA world welterweight championship.

Saturday’s card begins at 9 p.m. ET with an estimated walkout time of around 12 a.m. for the main event. It will be broadcast live on Showtime pay-per-view, and live streamed online via Showtime. The card is supported by three other title bouts and three other undefeated competitors, as well as some other big names.

For the vacant WBC world bantamweight championship, Rau’shee Warren (16-2) will face Nordine Oubaali (14-0). Fan favorite Badou Jack (22-1-3) will face Marcus Browne (22-0) for the vacant WBC silver light heavyweight belt. The card will open with a bout between Alberto Guevara and Hugo Ruiz (38-4) for the interim WBA featherweight title.

Jhack Tepora was originally scheduled to face Hugo Ruiz in the pay-per-view opener, but Tepora came in so overweight that Ruiz will instead face Alberto Guevara.

There will be a five-fight undercard that will not be aired as part of the preview, but there are some notables on it, including George Kambosos Jr., Rey Perez and more.

Pacquiao has won three of his past five bouts dating back to his May 2015 loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr., and is coming off a seventh-round TKO victory over Lucas Matthysse. Jeff Horn bested him prior to that, in a very narrow decision victory.

Broner is coming off a loss to Mikey Garcia and a draw against Jessie Vargas. Prior to that, he had won six of his past seven bouts, and sorely needs a win to stay in the upper echelon of boxing at this stage of his career.

Below is all you need to know to follow the action on Saturday. We will have live, round-by-round coverage of the action when the card gets underway.

How to watch Pacquiao vs. Broner

Date: Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019

Location: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nev.

Time: 9 p.m. ET

TV: Showtime pay-per-view

Online Streaming: Showtime

Odds: Pacquiao is favored at -300 at the time of writing, per OddsShark.

Pacquiao vs. Broner fight card (PPV)

Welterweight: Manny Pacquiao (60-7-2) vs. Adrien Broner (33-3-1)
Bantamweight: Rau’shee Warren (16-2) vs. Nordine Oubaali (14-0)
Featherweight: Badou Jack (22-1-3) vs. Marcus Browne (22-0)
Featherweight: Hugo Ruiz (38-4) vs. Alberto Guevara (27-3)

Pacquiao vs. Broner fight card (untelevised)

Lightweight: George Kambosos Jr. (15-0) vs. Rey Perez (24-10)
Welterweight: Jayar Inson (18-1) vs. Jonathan Steele (8-2-1)
Super featherweight: Desmond Jarmon (7-0) vs. Canton Miller (3-1-1-)
Welterweight: Destyne Butler (4-0) vs. David Payne (3-1-1)
Cruiserweight: Viddal Riley (1-0) vs. Mitchell Spangler (0-0)

Card notes:

Pacquiao vs. Broner is for Pacquiao’s WBA world welterweight title
Warren vs. Oubaali is for vacant WBC world bantamweight title
Jack vs. Browne is for vacant WBC silver light heavyweight title