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Ezekiel Elliott’s two spoons celebration is now a T-shirt

Cowboys fans gotta eat with two spoons during the postseason.

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On Saturday night, the Dallas Cowboys won just their fourth playoff game since 1996, and star running back Ezekiel Elliott played no small role in the 24-22 win over the Seattle Seahawks.

The NFL’s rushing king did what he does best: eat, and lots of it. Elliott racked up 137 rushing yards on 26 carries, including the go-ahead fourth quarter touchdown that put the Cowboys in the lead for good.

Late in the game, Elliott took a handoff and ran down the sideline for a big first down. But instead of his signature “gotta eat” celebration with one spoon, Elliott spiced things up with an extra spoon after the big run.

After the win, Zeke tweeted out why.

With his viral tweet, it looks like the Cowboys’ star running back has gifted Dallas fans with their new playoff slogan: #EatOrBeAte

Two Spoons T-shirt for $26

After their win against Seattle at home, the Cowboys head to Los Angeles on Sunday to take on the Rams in the NFC Divisional Round.

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