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‘The Double’, a vital moment for Seattle Mariners baseball, needs a deep rewind

The 1995 ALDS between the Seattle Mariners and the wild card-winning New York Yankees was a big deal. The Yankees were playing their first postseason baseball in well over a decade. The Mariners felt like they were playing for their home: A deal for a new stadium in Seattle depended in some part on the team and its fans proving they were worth the investment.

After New York won the first two games at home, Seattle rallied to tie the series, and it all came down to the bottom of the 11th inning. The Mariners trailed by one run with one out, runners at the corners, and slugger Edgar Martinez at the plate.

This episode of REWINDER investigates the backstory of this moment — the stadium drama, the Yankees’ prior history, and the paths each Mariner took to participating in that critical moment.

It’s one of the most exciting events in baseball history, and it meant so much to so many people.

Correction: The Ken Griffey Jr. catch shown in this video is not the one in which he broke his wrist. You can see a (crappy) video of the wrist-breaking play here.