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This pitching machine lawsuit is a real shot to the groin

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How a man is suing over taking a pitch to the britches .

Chicago White Sox Workout

A lawyer in New York is suing after what he calls a “faulty pitching machine” hurled a baseball into his nuts, sending him to the hospital.

52-year-old Ethan Brecher had been practicing to prepare himself for the 75 mile-per-hour cage at Chelsea Piers in New York when he was stunned by the pitch. He claims the ball stuck him in the thigh, before ricocheting into his testicles, causing internal bleeding.

Brecher told the New York Post that the pain was unlike anything else.

“It was the worst pain. On a scale of 1-to-10, it was like a billion. It was unimaginable,” he said.

The man is seeking $100,000 in damages, alleging the hit could have led to him being infertile. Now, that’s nothing to laugh at — but nuts shots are objectively hilarious. There’s also a legal battle over video of the nutshot, which Chelsea Piers allegedly has — but won’t release.

Brecher says he only had “five seconds” in between putting coins into the machine and the first pitch being launched. Not enough time to gird his loins in preparation for a 75 mile-per-hour pitch into the beans.

We’ll let the courts decide how much testicles are worth. For now we just have a few visceral responses.

Four immediate reactions we had to this nuts lawsuit.

  1. “I do not think being hit in the nuts is nearly as painful as lawyer man makes it out to be.” — James Dator
  2. “If he’s a father of two, he should have known already what getting hit in the beans feels like, at least to form a better scale.” — Eric Stephen
  3. “I once took a knee straight to the junk from a Muay Thai champion and they told me to take five minutes and then resume practicing and instead i went home and laid down for a week.” — James Brady
  4. “If I had a senator I’d write them to request they introduce a law that dictates all videos of guys getting hit in the beans must become public domain.”
    — Kim McCauley