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LeBron’s acrobatic no-look pass is a reminder these Lakers are worth staying up late for

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If you’re on the West Coast, well, enjoy your healthy sleep schedule!

You smell that? The NBA season is approaching.

Right now, we’re going through the preseason, which to me feels good because it lets you know the season is near. But it also feels kinda meh because I don’t care to watch the Lakers and Warriors play three times in two weeks.

However, I forgot about that “meh” feeling when LeBron James made this pass to Danny Green Wednesday night:

That’s very nice in real-time, but another part of what makes basketball such a wonderful game is that plays like this in slow motion look like art:

The most impressive part of this pass is James probably didn’t need to make it as difficult as it ended up being. Green was out there on an island in the corner, but James was still going to see if he could power through for a layup before ultimately kicking it out to what’s almost a guaranteed knockdown from Green (look what happens when James has shooters!).

But those are the kinds of decisions you can make when you’re LeBron James, arguably (I said arguably so y’all wouldn’t bother me online) the best basketball player to ever take a breath on planet Earth.

The NBA made changes to their national TV schedules this offseason, starting West Coast games at 10 p.m. instead of 10:30. The purpose is to give people on the East Coast 30 more minutes to catch at least a little more of the late action.

This is pretty much because of James and became an easier decision once Kawhi Leonard and Paul George also planted their flags at Staples Center with the Clippers.

But a pass like that? That’s worth staying up, no matter what. I’m incredibly excited to not get enough sleep starting next week and into late May.