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11,000 people illegally watched the Logan Paul vs. KSI fight in a dude’s glasses

Who won the Paul fight? The 11K people who watched this reflection.

I’m not going to sit here and advocate that piracy is right and you should illegally watch pay-per-view events on the internet using nefarious means.

Now the cops are gone, I am totally in love with the ingenuity behind this scheme to let the internet watch KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 for free.

This is the Wild West of streaming circumvention. Pioneers are embarking on a quest to come up with new, creative schemes to allow people to avoid having to pay real American dollars for a boxing match between two YouTube stars.

Normally when you watch a sports event online chat is full of random banter and discussion of the sport itself. Not in this case. There were far more critical issues at hand like, “Don’t move bro,” and “Stop moving ur head ...” These are real, critical concerns and to my money this turned the whole event into an endurance sport for the streamer.

Think about it: Sure, he wasn’t in the ring for six rounds like KSI and Paul were, but he was stuck — glued to the screen for six rounds, without any ability to move his head for fear of losing viewers. This takes skill and dedication the likes of which we see in any professional sporting event, and I’m a big fan.

Thankfully if you missed the fight there are plenty of ways to catch real, legal highlights of what went down.

I know this streamer is going to get caught and banned, but I’d like to give him props while he’s still on the internet for seeing a problem and finding a solution. This is the kind of inventiveness we need to repair some of the world’s biggest problems.

And it all starts with a weird boxing match reflecting in a guy’s glasses.