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Someone went fishing with Coke and Mentos, and we’re speechless

This is amazing. This is gross. This is ... just watch.

Once in a great while a video comes along that utterly, completely floors us. Watch all of this. It’s too important.

Now, we have no specific clue what the hell is happening here but we have a basic idea from the comments on Reddit, and corroborated by Sam Eggleston — who is both SB’s dedicated copy editor, and easily the most outdoorsy and knowledgable person on staff familiar with fishing.

Essentially this fisher dug a hole close to a river. At that point they cracked the egg in the hole, naturally attracting hungry nearby catfish. It’s here where the genius element of this comes in: The fisher dumps the Coke and the Mentos in the hole, which causes a massive influx of carbon dioxide, sucking the oxygen out of the water and essentially drowning the fish. They swim up the hole to find fresh water, but end up in the hands of the fisher.

I’m not going to pretend this is the most efficient way of catching fish, but it’s working. Your average catfish costs more than a two-liter, some Mentos and a couple of eggs — and this net three massive catfish. I wholeheartedly approve of any weird method of doing anything, so I’m in love.