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Baylor’s Yossiana Pressley is why we all need to watch more volleyball

Pressley had 31 kills in Baylor’s winning volleyball match over top-ranked Texas. THIRTY. ONE. KILLS.

Baylor volleyball player Yossiana Pressley in mid-air executing a kill against Texas. Baylor Athletics

It’s one thing for an athlete to have an impressive highlight: a dunk, a home run, a touchdown — those are easy to understand.

But some athletes only need a single photo to show just how remarkable they are.

No. 3 Baylor beat No. 1 Texas for the first time in almost two decades last night in a thrilling five-game match — but somehow that was only a little crazier than the above photo. Yossiana Pressley had 31 kills, a season high that she somehow made look easy and spectacular at once.

It’s something she just does, apparently.