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Lamar Jackson is so good he brings a stack of extra jerseys for postgame jersey swaps

Jackson is your favorite player’s favorite player, proven by his pile of postgame jersey swaps.

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Lamar Jackson is just about everything to the NFL right now. The best player and quarterback, a human highlight reel, a fan favorite, and, apparently, he’s your favorite player’s favorite player too.

After the Ravens beat the Jets on Thursday Night Football, a win where Jackson broke the record for QB rushing yards in a season and also threw five dang touchdowns, just about every player wanted to take home a Jackson jersey. And what do you do when you know you’re that popular? Well, you bring extras.

That’s at least three jerseys we could see. If that’s not the world’s biggest flex then I don’t know what is. He knows how popular and good he is, but still appreciates and makes sure he takes care of his peers around the league.

I hope the discourse (ha, yeah right) can go away and we can start enjoying this guy for the player and person he is. He makes the NFL worth watching and that’s something I personally haven’t been able to say for a while now.

Lamar Jackson forever.