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Mark Sanchez and Ryan Lindley cursed the NFL with a spectacular display of awful quarterbacking

These two brought shame to the very concept of throwing a football.

All anyone wanted to do was enjoy a football game. No one deserved the horror show that descended upon MetLife Stadium on December 2, 2012 when the New York Jets hosted the Arizona Cardinals. Mark Sanchez was rapidly continuing the downward spiral from the highs of making the AFC Championship Game each of his first two seasons while Cardinals rookie 6th-round pick Ryan Lindley just flopped around for 3 hours like a fish out of water.

Midway into the 2nd quarter, one out of every three Sanchez passes had found its way into the arms of the defense, and he’d eventually get benched. And with a little-known backup by the name of Tim Tebow nursing some cracked ribs, that meant this thing turned into the Greg McElroy show. And let me tell ya, if you’re at an NFL game where Greg McElroy is far and away the most competent quarterback out there, you’re entitled to your money back. It’s in the fine print.