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Jared Goff was incredibly bad in the Super Bowl

The Rams’ poor offensive performance had largely to do with the performance of their quarterback.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Playing in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots is a daunting task for anyone.

But Jared Goff’s performance was abysmal. The Rams couldn’t get anything going on offense in their 13-3 loss to the Patriots, and a lot of that fell on the shoulders of their third-year quarterback.

Goff threw for 229 yards and an interception on 38 pass attempts — that’s only 6 yards per pass attempt. For what it’s worth, the league average this season was 7.4 yards per attempt.

It’s hard to win when you can’t throw the ball. Here are a few of Goff’s plays that cost them the game.

Goff took an insanely bad sack on third-and-2

With about five minutes left in the first half, Goff took a ridiculous 14-yard sack. The fact that he took the sack here wasn’t the bad part; it was how he took the sack.

No one was open on the play, but that doesn’t excuse the sack that Goff took. Play it safe, throw the ball out of bounds, and get to fourth down with two yards to go. Then the Rams would’ve at least had the choice to go for it on fourth down — instead they were forced to punt on fourth-and-16.

Goff missed Josh Reynolds on an easy shallow crosser on third down

Goff really struggled on third down in the Super Bowl. The Rams converted just three of their 13 third-down attempts in the game.

This was another situation where the Rams had a chance to convert a third down. Josh Reynolds was breaking free across the field with plenty of room to run for a first down, but Goff opted for a more difficult throw.

Goff tried to hit the corner throw to Brandin Cooks instead, but the throw was just far enough behind Cooks to give Stephon Gilmore a chance to break it up.

Unfortunately for the Rams, Goff’s worst throw of the game pretty much ended their season.

Goff threw the game-ending interception versus a blitz

This was the throw that essentially ended the game. The Patriots blitzed six defenders against Goff. He had just enough time to throw the ball before getting sacked by a Patriots defensive back, but the ball sailed on him and it was intercepted by Gilmore.

What really hurt was this was the Rams’ best drive of the game before the interception. They hadn’t gotten anything going on offense up to this point. That drive taking its final snap on the Patriots’ 27-yard line was the farthest the Rams had gotten on a drive up to that point.

The Patriots then marched down the field on a nine-play, 72-yard drive to kick the field goal that put the game out of reach.

The entire Rams offense was stagnant in Super Bowl 53 after having a phenomenal season leading up to this point — this Rams team averaged 32.9 points per game this season. Versus the Patriots they averaged just 4.3 yards per play, gave up four sacks, and averaged 3.4 yards per carry.

This Super Bowl loss is going to sting for sure, but the Rams still have a lot to build on for next season. Their offensive line is still great (even if they weren’t in the Super Bowl), they have a talented group of receivers that will get Cooper Kupp back, and Todd Gurley will be back as well.

This game wasn’t the norm for the Rams and they’ll continue to prove that next season. Goff and the Rams still have a window open — even if this performance was poor for them.

The Rams will be back. They just have a little soul-searching to do after an awful offensive performance — and it starts with the quarterback.