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James Dolan told a Knicks fan ‘enjoy watching them on TV’ after kicking them out of MSG

Don’t tell Dolan what to do with his team.

What James Dolan does or doesn’t do with the New York Knicks is none of your concern. And if you butt into his business, you'll wish you didn’t. That’s the lesson one fan learned the hard way after he told Dolan to sell the team during New York’s eight-point loss to Sacramento on Saturday.

Here’s how it happened:

While Dolan walked through the tunnel, a fan yelled, “Sell the team! Sell it!”

Dolan scratched his head, smiled and responded, “You think I should sell the team?” Then he gestured for the fan to come closer and said, “Do you want to not come to anymore games?”

The fan, shocked, responded, “Why?”

Dolan said, “That’s rude.” And when the fan retorted that it was an opinion, Dolan said, “No, it’s not an opinion. And you know what? Enjoy watching them on TV.” Then, the security guards go after the fan.

TMZ, which broke the story, also reported more details:

Witnesses tell us the fan was held while 2 cops and security came over to ID and question him before asking him to leave. It’s unclear if he’s been permanently banned from Knicks games ... we’re working on it.

We’re told there were other fans heckling Dolan, but he singled out the guy who doesn’t want him to be the owner anymore.

A spokesperson from The Madison Square Garden Company also responded in an email to TMZ: “Our policy is and will continue to be that if you are disrespectful to anyone in our venues, we will ask you not to return.”

It’s simple, folks. Don’t tell James Dolan what to do with his New York Knicks.