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Tony Romo’s botched hold in Seattle needs a deep rewind

It’s still not fair. It still hurts. Why is fate so cruel?

You know what’s about to happen. The Dallas Cowboys are in Seattle and looking to take a lead over the Seahawks that could give them their first playoff win in ten years. They’ve had another year full of dysfunction, but finally look like they will shake out of the funk they’ve carried for the last decade.

You know the disaster that follows, the career that had its wings clipped before it learned to fly, and the first step of a new journey that never seemed to stay on the path.

But what about what came before that? So much had to fall perfectly so in order to make this moment what it is, and how it remains in our mind. The pain and heartbreak of an entire franchise, the fans forever divided over the quarterback, the lack of playoff success. It masked what led us to this moment. We forgot everything that raised hope so high and made the landing after the fall so much harder. Welcome to a moment in history.