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6 ways Arya Stark is exactly like Michael Jordan

This shirt proves it.

It takes a pretty special product for me to be like “Yes, I need to write about this.” This is a special shirt.

The shirt, designed by Roto Wear, is the classic Air Jordan design — but it’s Arya Stark from the Game of Thrones franchise. The whole thing got me thinking about Arya, then MJ and back to Arya and I realized the two of them really aren’t that different.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

6 ways Arya Stark and Michael Jordan are EXACTLY alike.

No. 1 — They’ve both been forced to carry a team.

You think the Battle of Winterfell would have ended up being a win without Arya there? Hell no. Jon Stark is a Scottie Pippen AT BEST, and I think he’s more of a Luc Longley.

We can pretty much map the main players of the Battle of Winterfell onto the most-used starting five of the 1996-97 Bulls Championship team.

PG: Gendry (Ron Harper): Basically there to distribute.
SG: Arya Stark (Michael Jordan): The assassin that makes things happen.
SF: Luc Longley (Jon Stark): Valuable role player. Gets too much credit.
PF: Scottie Pippen (Dany’s dragons): Big ol’ distraction monsters. Couldn’t win on their own.
C: Theon (Dennis Rodman): Just defend the bucket (Bran).

No. 2 — Both are clutch as hell.

Spot the lie.

No. 3 — Similar moves.

Tell me that Arya’s hand-to-hand knife move wasn’t reminiscent of a Jordan double-clutch layup. They’re basically the same move.

No. 4 — Both dropped a White Walker with a dagger.

No. 5 — Both looked death in the eye and said “Not today.”

Flu game anyone? I think playing basketball with the flu is basically the same as fighting off a zombie invasion.

No. 6 — Both were still hungry even after a championship.

Arya was the MVP of the battle for Winterfell, and is basically the GOAT. But she isn’t going to rest on her laurels. She’s off to go murder some more and keep on getting shit done. Watch out, Mountain.