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SkateBIRD is the game about floofy birbs doing their best and I need it

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Via Glass Bottom Games

You know what sport has a ton of good video games, but very few in recent history? Skateboarding! You know what animals don’t get the credit they deserve for being floofy friends that have to work really hard? Birds! Naturally, ascribing to both of those beliefs means the perfect video game for me is one that combines the two.

Enter SkateBIRD.

Currently being crowdfunded by the fine folks at Glass Bottom Games, purveyors of fine indie video games like noir adventure Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora and blocky punch-em-up Spartan Fist (both of which I own and enjoy, by the way), SkateBIRD is an upcoming video game about skateboarding birds “who try their best.”

Via SkateBIRD’s kickstarter page

Other than being A CUTE CUSTOMIZABLE BIRB THAT SKATEBOARDS, the backstory is that you’re a lonely bird whose Big Friend (read as: hooman) has stopped skating due to life in general being a drag. But the more you skate, the more birb friends you get, and your tiny skatepark gets bigger and bigger.

Given I recently wrote about the overwhelming desire for EA to hurry up and announce Skate 4 already, I felt I absolutely needed to cover the REAL skateboarding game from E3. You know, the one that EXISTS. And as a bonus, it’s pretty dang fun already (there’s an alpha you can test out on the Kickstarter).

For disclosure purposes, I ABSOLUTELY backed this game as soon as I saw it on my Twitter feed and have enjoyed Glass Bottom Games’ offerings in the past, but that’s where any association ends! Floofy fun skating birbs can be yours as well if you head on over to the Kickstarter — the game is slated (if funded) to release on Windows, Mac and Linux, though the page suggests that other platforms are a possibility.

Plus, the dang Kickstarter page literally says the words “Tiny Hawk”. I mean, come on. If that ain’t worth your $15, I dunno what is.