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6 iced coffee tips for newfound iced coffee lover Nick Van Exel

Here’s how you can up your game.

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Grizzlies assistant coach Nick Van Exel has had a very special week after discovering his new drink for the summer.

Part of me is absolutely stunned it took 47 years for the former Lakers star to try iced coffee, but I’m not going to drink shame the guy. I’m just glad he found his bliss and is enjoying the sheer perfection of iced coffee.

I drink iced coffee every single morning. It’s part of my ritual. Most of the time I have a carafe of cold brew in the fridge, but there are also times you need to treat yourself and venture out of house — even as someone who writes blogs for a living. I’ve really taken to the entire nitro cold brew concept, but that’s really advanced level iced coffee drinking. Today I’m just going to give Nick some helpful tips I’ve learned around my iced coffee journey to help him lift his game.

No. 1: Make some coffee ice cubes.

I know how horrendously boujie this sounds, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Get a regular ice cube tray and pour some coffee in it. This makes sure the next morning you can take your time to savor your iced coffee, instead of gulping it down before it gets all watery and gross.

No. 2: Invest in a milk frother.

I started doing this after getting into nitro cold brew, and it’s a neat way to treat yourself. I just have a cheap little one at the house, but it’s really a tremendous boon to my coffee game. Pro tip: Use skim milk for your froth. I’m not a scientist, but it seems to keep it’s airiness much longer.

No. 3: Think about your sweeteners.

When I drink coffee hot I like it black and night and nothing added, but iced coffee is another deal. I like just a little bit of sweetness, and have found that adding it to the milk pre-frothing results in a better glass than dumping it in with the coffee itself. I like flavored Stevia liquid, because it’ll blend in nicely. If you want to go the sugar route then feel free to make a simple syrup, or get some pump-action coffee sweeteners.

No. 4: Don’t let anyone shame you for drinking iced coffee.

At this point I drink it year round. If there’s snow on the ground I’m still ordering iced coffee. Why? Because I know how to keep myself warm like an adult using layers and don’t need a beverage to do that work for me. Okay, mom?!

No. 5: If you make your own cold brew you have to be sure your coffee is coarsely ground.

I’ve tried with espresso and it’s too fine. The whole thing becomes a massive mess.

No. 6: Try this drink, for real.

Iced coffee and coconut LaCroix was the 2017 drink of the summer. It was the 2018 drink of the summer and it’s also the 2019 drink of the summer. You won’t regret drinking this Nick, I promise.

Important update!

Nick Van Exel has discovered cold brew, but it’s still unclear if he knows what it is.