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How many bases can you rack up in a single MLB game?

Probably not as many as Shawn Green.

From the early total base leaders the likes of Ty Cobb and Lou Gehrig to today’s leaders, Shawn Green and Josh Hamilton, the total base record has always required a player’s single best game of their career. Today, the best route to the top of the list is with MLB’s first five home run game, but it’s not the only way.

There are only 18 players who have ever hit four home runs in a game and the leaders in total bases for a single game tend to be a four home run game with flair. Whether it be tacking on a single or double. This makes Green’s 19 total base game extremely difficult to surpass. Even Mike Cameron, who hit four home runs plus a shot to the warning track a few weeks before Green’s outburst, finds himself three bases short of the top of the leaderboard. One thing is for sure, when the total base record is broken, it will be a performance for the history books.

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