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This rugby player hammering his own dislocated knee back into place mid-game is so cringe-worthy

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In latest proof that rugby players are not human, a rugby union player in England dislocated his knee, before hammering it back into place with his own fist and continue playing.

Joe Westerman, who plays for Hull FC in the British Super League dislocated his knee in a game against rival Hull Kingston Rovers — but that’s only the start of the story. Rather than leave the field and seek medical attention like a normal human being, Westerman sat on the pitch hammering on his knee to force it back into place. When it finally popped he didn’t scream or hobble off, he just went back to the scrum.

The only thing more ludicrous than that previous sentence is how he talked about the injury.

“It’s sweet, to be honest. I expect to be training next week and I can’t really see myself missing our next game against St Helens next Friday.”

My man, you had a dislocated knee. A dislocated knee. To put this in perspective the NHS in the UK says it takes six weeks to fully recover from a dislocated knee, and there’s zero recommendation of playing sports on the knee again less than a week later, let alone seconds like Westerman did.

Rugby players just aren’t human.