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Brett Gardner needed stitches after hitting himself in the face with his own helmet

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This is one of the worst self-inflicted sports injuries.

Yankees’ outfielder Brett Gardner entered the hallowed annals of “hilarious self-inflicted sports injury” on Saturday after he was robbed of a hit and subsequently injured himself.

At first glance this might not look like a big deal, but the injury was much more intense than the video first appears.

SIX STITCHES ... SIX. I was hit in the head with a rock when I was seven-years old and I only needed four stitches. Gardner pulled off a truly memorable injury here, all while the veins on his head looked like they were going to explode in anger after he was robbed of a hit by Jordan Luplow.

Gardner’s busted lip got me thinking about where this ranks among the best self-inflicted sports injuries of all time. Other contenders include ...

Bill Gramatica blowing out his own ACL.

Gramatica was such a coveted kicker in the 2001 NFL Draft that the Cardinals spent a fourth round pick on him. Then, less than one season into his career Gramatica tore his own ACL celebrating a field goal against the Giants.

It wasn’t even a game-winning kick. It was early in the game. The Giants went on to win 17-13.

Kerwin Bell spiking the ball into his own groin.

No lasting damage here, just endless hilarity.

Alex Stepney’s dislocated jaw.

Sadly there isn’t footage of this one, but in 1975 Machester United goalkeeper Alex Stepney suffered one of the weirdest self-inflicted injuries ever. The ever-boisterous Stepney took an elbow to the jaw while rushing for the ball, which set in motion a bizarre change of events.

Still playing, Stepney began barking orders at his teammates. His yelling grew so furious that he dislocated his own jaw in the process and was forced to leave the match.

X-Pac tears his anus.

Never let anyone tell you professional wrestling isn’t real. Sean Waltman (who performed under the name X-Pac in WWE) went for his signature Bronco Buster in 2013 in an indy show and things went horribly wrong.

Waltman jumped past the turnbuckle pad and landed directly on the steel cable which keeps the ring ropes taught. He was rushed to hospital for an emergency “sphincteroplasty.” Now he’s in the WWE Hall of Fame, so all’s well than ends well.

Soccer player tears his own finger off.

Seriously, don’t watch this if you have a weak stomach.

Paulo Diogo was playing for Servette FC in the Swiss league in 2004 when he celebrated a teammate’s goal my jumping on to the fence that separated fans from the pitch. One problem: His wedding ring got caught in the fence, and when he jumped down his finger didn’t come with him.

Diogo was hit with a yellow card for excessive celebration, while the ground crew desperately searched for his finger in the stands. It was never found, and he had his ring finger amputated at the first joint later that night in hospital.