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EXCLUSIVE: Inside the FA’s righteous war on gambling

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Tony McArdle/Everton FC via Getty Images

Dear [insert name here],

I am contacting you on behalf of the Football Association. In the light of recent news stories concerning footballers breaching the rules concerning gambling (e.g. Everton’s Yerry Mina, who allegedly participated in an advertisement for betting activity), the FA has decided to contact all professional players to remind them of their responsibilities. This letter is brought to you with the kind support of the FA’s official Responsibility Refreshment Partner, BigBetsNow4U.

Players are reminded that, in accordance with section E of the #AccaLife Rules of the Association, directly or indirectly gambling on any football matches or competitions anywhere in the world — whether it’s the SkyBet Championship or the SportPesa Premier League — is completely forbidden. So too is the use of inside information, whether used in person or passed on to another person for the purposes of betting.

In addition, players are reminded that appearing in advertising materials relating to betting companies can also amount to a breach of the rules. In recent days a number of players’ representatives have contacted us for clarification on this point, noting that a number of teams — 10 in the Premier League, for example — are sponsored by gambling companies.

We are happy to set out the difference here:

BULLETPOINT Adverts, as they are commonly understood, are marketing communications designed to promote the interests, services, or products of one company or another. Any player player involved in such communications on behalf of a gambling company is liable to be charged for contravening the rules.

BULLETPOINT Sponsors, by contrast, are pictures on the front of football shirts. Any effect that said pictures have on those that perceive them is not within the ambit of the FA, and is probably your own fault, if you think about it. Have you considered being less suggestible?

We trust the distinction is clear, and we are grateful to our research partners Up Your Ante for their assistance in this regard.

Finally, we wish to reiterate our commitment to stamping out problem gambling. To this end, we will shortly be launching a series of training and consultation events around the country. Sponsored by our partners McDonald’s and Put Your Hands In Your Pockets You Whimpering Swine, What Else Has The World Got To Offer You?, our Gambling Awareness 2019 Roadshow will reiterate that our highest concern is and remains protecting the integrity of football.

Yours faithfully,

[indecipherable squiggle]

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