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This ‘Family Feud’ confusion over Popeyes is the GOAT of mistakes


For all the good moments in American Family Feud history, Canadian Family Feud has topped them with one question.

In a recent episode, host Gerry Dee told two contestants, “Name Popeye’s favorite food.” That’s when Eve DuBois spat out the answer that you also probably would have said under that much pressure, and was CONFIDENT she had locked up the chance to win $10,000.

This is absolutely the best celebration of failure that we’ve seen since Nick Young was a Laker.

Actually, Eve’s celebration definitely has more Kemba Walker vibes.

Yep, definitely Kemba.

That look back towards her family when the host buries his head into the desk to search for answers as to what just happened — can’t help but feel that. All of it.

Most people, besides maybe some zoomers (Gen Z), know that answer. Do they still show Popeye on TV? Either way, she just got excited and made a mistake.

She also seemed to just really own it in the moment, which she deserves an incredible amount of credit for. There’s a lot of nervous energy here, but it’s better than having an absolute breakdown after a moment like that on TV.

There are many instances of people doing a lot worse on game shows. Eve simply blew the chance at a chance to win $10,000. Many NFL players have dropped the ball before going across the goal line, and their game checks are typically much more lucrative than $10,000. (They’re also getting those, regardless.)

So thank you, Eve, for your wonderful mistake. The internet appreciates you and your Popeyes chicken fandom.