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1 simple tip to improve your hitting (Mets fans hate it!)

Here is cool baseball man Jarred Kelenic doing something cool with a baseball.

Sorry, Mets fans. But as a Mariners fan, I have to be able to make fun of somebody, and right now that somebody is you. Take solace in the fact that everything I love shall wither and die, the ashes scattered to oblivion by the bitter winds of failure.

Anyway, here is Mariners prospect Jarred Kelenic (acquired from the Mets in the Edwin Diaz/Robinson Cano trade) pulling off a hitting trick which I am 100 percent sure he nailed on the first take:

Does this do anything to improve his hitting? Definitely not (SORRY FOR THE MISLEADING HEADLINE). But by practicing this trick, Kelenic has ensured his team will never be caught short should Rob Manfred opt to replace extra innings with a skeet shooting competition, as he so often threatens. Also, he’s just told Jose Altuve that the next pitch will be a curveball.

I will stop cracking bad jokes to note the Seattle Mariners have not developed a competent hitter since Kyle Seager, who was drafted in 2009. Before that? Raul Ibanez? Yikes. Baseball America and the like have high hopes for Kelenic, who is considered one of the top outfield prospects in the game, so perhaps he and fellow outfield wunderkind Julio Rodriguez will finally change that story.

But even without him realizing his dazzling potential just yet, I can still enjoy him downing frisbees with that beautiful swing.