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This bowls shot is so ridiculous it’ll actually make you appreciate bowls

What the ...

Bowls, lawn or indoor, is a vastly under-appreciated sport in the United States. One part bowling, two parts curling or bocce, it garners more popularity in the U.K. and Australia than on this side of the pond. That said, when there’s a moment like this it’s worthy of appreciation.

A bowl by nature is a very weird object. It’s as if someone pressed a sphere so it’s still round, but has two distinctly flat sides so it can settle after rolling to a stop. This allows for some distinctly weird moments, like this one. Facing a seemingly impossible situation, England’s Nick Brett was told by his partner Greg Harlow that there were “about six inches” of open space for him to make a shot.

This was met with laughter by a crowd who didn’t think it was remotely possible for the bowler to make the shot. Quickly he silenced the crowd with a slow-rolling, curving shot that squeezed perfectly between the two resting balls and nuzzled the jack with perfection.

Bowls is pretty great.