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A Spanish soccer club suspended its manager after his nudes were leaked online

Deportivo v Malaga - La Liga SmartBank Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

In what has to be one of the all-time weirdest reasons for someone to be disciplined by his club, Malaga manager, Víctor Sánchez del Amo, has been suspended due to an alleged explicit video of him going viral on Twitter.

The video shows the manager in his underpants, before holding his penis to the screen. It has routinely been re-uploaded whenever Twitter has gone about deleting it for violating the platform’s policies.

Before he was suspended, del Amo tweeted out a message about the video, in which he denounced anyone sharing the video, stating that his privacy was being violated. He wrote that the spread of the video was being orchestrated by extortionists who were trying to blackmail him for money. He claimed to have reported the case to the police.

Del Amo’s statement makes his suspension even more bizarre. It seems the club is punishing the manager for being the victim of extortion, or at the very least, having a private video released without his consent. It’s certainly a moment of embarrassment for the manager and for the club, but the maliciousness of a few shady opportunists seems to have put the manager’s job in jeopardy.

There’s of course a lot that is not known about the case, including whether Del Amo knows the perpetrators in question or what could have potentially lead to such an event where he was targeted, but there’s little that can justify the violation of someone’s private life like this. For now, it appears the manager has been publicly attacked and the club wants the situation to go away as fast as possible, even if that means distancing themselves from Del Amo.