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This club cover is the most unsettling sports accessory in history

No, No. No. No. No.

Have you ever wished your dog could be with you on the links, and also that your dog was dead? Good news, Cuddle Clones are here for you.

via @sundownmotel, Twitter

The company, which normally makes plush toy renditions of your beloved pets, is moving into the world of sporting equipment — and it’s horrifying. I can’t stop looking at this photo and wondering who in the world actually wants this. At best it looks like you’re carrying around a severed dog head, and yes, that’s the best case scenario for this item.

Any item that requires an extensive explanation isn’t something you should take with you anywhere. This club cover is far too realistic, which is a testament to Cuddles Clones’ quality, I guess — but when transposed into this use case it just looks like a severed head.

I hate it. I hate all of it. I need to know if anyone reading this would actually purchase this item, because I’m at a loss.