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A broom was left on the ice during a skeleton run, and you’ll absolutely believe what happened next

Someone’s in big trouble.

Skeleton is already one of the most terrifying sports on earth without the addition of obstacles, but that’s just what happened at the Igls World Cup.

Katie Tannenbaum, a slider for the U.S. Virgin Islands, took to the course over the weekend during the World Cup and was 30 seconds into her run when she plowed into a broom that was left on the track. Officials use the brooms to clear away loose ice and debris, but we never see anything like this.

Thankfully Tannenbaum is okay following the accident, because this could have been so much worse considering the speed at play.

“My helmet and mouth guard did their jobs wonderfully. My new white helmet has a tiny broom colored scratch for me to remember this day by (how could I forget?). And my jaw is a little tight.”

That said, her sled is far worse for wear. Tannenbaum said her carbon fiber sled is now missing a giant chunk out of the underside, and there’s a crack running through it — both of which will require extensive repair.

Hopefully she’ll be compensated for the blunder, because leaving a broom on the ice not only derailed her chances on the track, but also cost a hell of a lot of money. For now we’ll just enjoy the weirdness of this video, because it might never happen again.