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12 perfect Valentine’s Day cards to send to your favorite sports fan

And they say romance is dead!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. You may already have a special someone in your life, but the rest of us out there need to act fast to get a date before Friday. You could fall back on the tried-and-true methods of sending your crush flowers or chocolates, or you could be creative and send them a sports meme instead.

Thankfully, SB Nation is here to help out. All you need to do is fill out one of these heartfelt cards, send it to your crush, and hope you don’t get blocked. Good luck!

1. It’s never a bad idea to compare your crush to a No. 1 draft pick, right?

Image of Zion Williamson with the text “Valentine, I’ve got my Zion you”

2. So it must be even better to invoke a Super Bowl champion.

Image of Patrick Mahomes with the text “Valentine, I’d like to bring you to Mahome”

3. Or a World Cup winner.

Image of Megan Rapinoe with the text “Let’s share a bottle of Pinoe Grigio”

4. Better yet, just tell them how badly you need them in your life.

Image of Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara with the text “Without you, I’d be Bruined”

5. You should probably make sure your recipient is a fan of puns before sending some of these.

Image of Luka Doncic with the text “You Luka lot like my Valentine”

6. Or you can hope they’ll be distracted by looking at one of the best athletes in the world.

Image of Simone Biles with the text “I would walk 1000 Biles to be with you”

7. If your crush likes their humor on the darker side, this might be the one for them.

Image of a gravestone with the text “I hope our love lasts longer than the AAF”

8. You could also brag about your favorite team, and how they just acquired a reigning WNBA champion.

Image of Los Angeles Sparks forward Candace Parker with the text “I feel Sparks when we’re together”

9. This one is perfect if you have a lot of love to go around.

Several images of Drake in different sports team jerseys with the text “You’re the only one for me”

10. If you’re worried about your chances of being rejected, you might just need some Olympic gold to make your case to your future soulmate.

Image of American hockey player Hilary Knight with the text “I can be your Knight in shining armor”

11. Make sure you shoot your shot before your crush has a chance to leave you (and go to Los Angeles, probably)

Image of Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale with the text “Valentine, you rock my Sox off”

12. Last but not least, here’s one for the SB Nation superfans.

Image of the SB Nation olive meme with the text “Olive you”