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We made a Seattle Kraken logo and uniform concepts because why not

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If the rumors are true about Seattle’s NHL expansion team name, we’ve got some ideas.

logo of a large purple octopus like sea monster

As the hockey world impatiently waits for the name of the new NHL expansion team in Seattle, many have started to speculate and fantasize about what it could be. Back in November, it was reported that a handful of domain names were registered to help stir the pot.

Those names were:

Seattle Cougars
Seattle Eagles
Seattle Emeralds
Seattle Evergreens
Seattle Firebirds
Seattle Kraken
Seattle Rainiers
Seattle Renegades
Seattle Sea Lions
Seattle Seals
Seattle Sockeyes
Seattle Totems
Seattle Whales

John Hoven of recently predicted the Seattle Kraken would be the most likely pick. Shortly after, a cryptic tweet from the official Seattle NHL account temporarily cooled the jets of the frenzy that was beginning without denying the name outright.

I am not from Seattle. But I do love hockey a whole lot. So I took some time to make some mocks and think about what that team could look like as The Kraken.

My first explorations took me to the literal translations of what a Kraken is:

This particular form brings some daunting power to the table. A lot of team logos (Predators, Coyotes, new Florida Panthers) bring forth the literal creature, which is a smart and simple approach that works well with merchandising and mascots.

Plus, it looks cool, because sea monsters are cool.

The one I created has too much detail to be a primary logo, but the asymmetric composition and initial idea could work well for Seattle, especially with a congregation of tentacles spiraling all over the place. Going with some sort of monster cephalopod as a visual also has potential to step on the toes of Detroit’s octopus playoff tradition, which I find funny because neither team will be seeing the playoffs for some time.

Another direction I also explored was the letter S. Seattle started an NHL team in 1915, the Metropolitans, that became the first American team to win a Stanley Cup before folding in 1924. Their logo was a large red S with “Seattle” snaking down vertically on the inside. Using the S now would pay homage to the past with great iconic potential in the present. I see the organization using this idea as some kind of third jersey used in a heritage or winter classic-type game. I took the core of that idea and leaned hard into the sea monster motif.

Some might prefer something even more simple (like 80 percent of MLB logos out there), but I’d like to see a letter logo with some personality to it and welcome the “vintage” take later when the team has settled in.

Thirdly, I quickly played around with a trident idea. It may bump elbows with the Mariners’ old upside-down trident, but I like the idea of a city having similar logos as a form of mutual respect. They’d be like brothers who only see each other on special occasions.

This would work as maybe a shoulder emblem or something of that nature and could potentially be more involved with some leering eyes, perhaps, or incorporating the Space Needle. (Speaking of the Space Needle, I noticed when I was learning more about Seattle that a lot of designs like to use visuals of the tower as their “iconic landmark” to represent the city. As amazing as and representative that building is for the city, I felt I didn’t want to walk too far into the territory of a building being the face of a team.)

You’ve probably noticed some repeating color choices. The 1915 Seattle Metropolitans had a heavy lean on red and green stripes and plenty of other suggested designs out there have been using this scheme as well. I’m a big fan of the color direction while keeping in mind that at the right hue it can become a colorblind person’s worst nightmare.

I might as well use this opportunity as a soap box to advocate for more unique colors in the NHL. Within reason. We don’t want to step back into 80s/90s nonsense, but have we thought about ...

... leans in close …

... purple?

It is rich, singular and can play into the sea monster idea so well. I know the LA Kings have their purple jersey (which I LOVE) but it isn’t a primary, and selfishly, I want more. Purple really doesn’t have a connection to Seattle or another team of that city, but it is unique and will help expand NHL’s color palette beyond the typical red/blue/yellow.

With jerseys, I wanted to do something with the under arm like a tentacle without smacking you over the head with it. The purple logo wouldn’t work on the purple jersey, but I think the form fits well in the space.

The stripes would be a must if they decide to go with the red and green combo. I’m not 100 percent sold, but I could find myself liking it.