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Rutgers baseball postponed a game because its equipment was sprayed with jet fuel

What the ...

A scheduled baseball game between Rutgers and St. Joseph’s was postponed on Monday due to what Rutgers is calling an “equipment issue.”

This might lead you to believe it’s a situation of lost or misplaced luggage, but it’s so, so much more bizarre than that.

It’s unclear how much jet fuel drenched the team’s equipment bags, but it was enough to functionally render their contents unusable. JA or JA1, the most commonly used commercial jet fuels, could cause irritation and/or other side effects should it come in prolonged contact with skin.

If the Rutgers uniforms were drenched with fuel, they would have been impossible to wear without risk. There’s no telling what kind of damage jet fuel could do to gloves, bats, helmets and other equipment which can’t be cleaned as easily as clothing.

This might be the weirdest equipment issue in recent memory.