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‘Snacks’ is the basketball legend the world never knew it needed

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Snacks is our new hero.

Thomas Lee is a basketball legend. A hero among men. A player affectionately called “Snacks” by those who love and appreciate him. On Monday night, it was Snacks’ time to shine.

Snacks, is the student manager for Jackson State, and understandably hadn’t gotten any minutes all season — until last night. The 6’0 guard entered the game to raucous applause and basically just stood there, getting passed the ball repeatedly so he could take shot, after shot, after shot.

The play-by-play is incredible.

The entire team rallying behind Snacks so he could hit a three is everything that’s wonderful about sports. This is also the first time in recorded human history where a team fed Snacks, rather than snacks feeding a team.

Thomas Lee is a basketball legend, if only for a moment, and this might be the best story of college basketball season. The Southwestern Athletic Conference agrees, and now Snacks is an award winner.