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These NBA and WNBA masks are excellent, even if they look like underpants turned backwards

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The NBA, WNBA and Fanatics are teaming up to bring team-branded, cloth face masks to consumers at a reasonable price, and with all profits going to Feeding America in the U.S., and Second Harvest in Canada.

Masks, which are already available on, are retailing for $14.99 in a basic version of $24.99 for a more premium-looking three pack, using various designs for teams. Kathy Behrens, NBA president of social responsibility and player programs. explained the initiative in selling masks via the league’s press release.

“Through this new product offering, NBA and WNBA fans can adhere to these guidelines while joining in the league’s efforts to aid those who have been directly affected by Covid-19.”

This is unquestionably great. The reality is there’s still a stigma about wearing masks in public, and despite CDC recommendations there are still thousands of people going outside and running errands without personal face masks. Branding them as NBA items won’t solve the issue, but it might make masks more attractive to some people who would otherwise choose not to wear them. The NBA and WNBA donating profits to assist charities in need of assistance is just icing on the cake that make this excellent.

That said, they do have a tendency to look like underwear turned backwards. I don’t have a way to sugar coat this — I’m sorry. Here’s a comparison of the masks that are available for the Brooklyn Nets, and also a hastily-made Photoshop where I took the Nets branded thong (which is a thing, I promise) and put that over the dude’s face too.

Life is all about contrast. I can love and appreciate the initiative by the NBA and WNBA to make stylish masks available, while also realizing that these really look like you’re wearing the butt side of some underwear on your face. But this is in the interest of public health, so kudos to the leagues for these butt masks.