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Vince Carter’s 10-year beef with Toronto included Nelly, a possible body slam, and so many injuries

Over the course of two decades, Vince Carter has gone from maybe the most beloved athlete in Toronto to maybe the most despised athlete in Toronto to ... somewhere in between, but definitely closer to the first thing.

This giant episode of Beef History examines what happened between Carter and his first NBA city. It tells the early chapters, wherein an instant sensation set the bar for a city to which pro basketball had just been reintroduced. It tells of Carter inspiring and entertaining people, making his mark all over the city, and even winning some basketball games.

Then it tells the bad part of the story: Pouting, bad management, injuries, scandalous stories, and more injuries. After all that came a dismal trade, and years of the fans who once embraced Carter booing him every time he visited.

But this story has a happier, softer ending than all that. It just takes a long, winding road to get there.

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