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Welp, this marathon runner ran ‘BOSTON STROG’ in her fitness app


Have you ever put together complicated Ikea furniture? Do you know the feeling when you get near the end of the project and you’re beginning to let yourself admire your work, only to realize that you forgot to put in a load-bearing dowel about 20 steps back?

I imagine that’s how Lindsay Devers felt after she completed her personal version of the Boston Marathon. Devers wanted to make her run special and spell out the words “Boston Strong” along her route using the GPS-enabled fitness tracker app Strava. Only, her message came out like this.

Map of Boston streets with Lindsay Devers’ GPS marathon route in red lines, misspelling the words “BOSTON STRONG” as “BOSTON STROG” Via Lindsay Devers’ Strava profile


In fairness to Devers, she ran a dang marathon and should be credited for such. She still racked up 26.29 miles. That effort will stand forever, unlike your Ürgenblårtt bookcase.

If you look closely, you can see where Devers may have gone wrong. Shift the ‘S-T-R-O’ over one block to the left, and there would be just enough room to cram in an ‘N’.

Devers told that she trained for five months to run the 2020 Boston Marathon, which had been scheduled for Monday, and didn’t want to wait for the Sept. 14 make-up date (though she’s planning to run then, too). Though she was sheepish about the mistake — “I’m an idiot,” she said — Devers was rightfully proud of the accomplishment.

“It felt amazing,” she said. “It feels amazing on a different level because you don’t have anybody cheering for you, you don’t have the support of volunteers. You’re out there carrying your own water, carrying your own gels. It’s all you and your own mental fortitude to push through. No one’s running with you, no one’s cheering you on. It’s all in your head to keep going.”

Devers is a true inspiration. The next time you’re feeling blue in isolation, you’d be wise to remember her words.