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The Chargers now have the NFL’s best uniforms, hands down

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Everything about these is perfect.

Several NFL teams are making uniform changes ahead of the 2020 season, but the Los Angeles Chargers just won the entire thing — if new uniforms were a contest.

Almost nothing is able to unify the internet, especially now — but these uniforms are being universally loved by NFL fans. There’s good reason why. Every single colorway looks amazing, and the Chargers managed to do what so many teams struggle with: Marry the team’s roots with an updated look.

The Chargers kept their powder blue and gold, but added more white. They will also be the only team in the NFL with numbers on their helmets, a subtle homage to past uniforms. From there the team went with a couple of bold new looks like the navy blue and dark Color Rush variants — but managed to make them all look cohesive and classy.

The measure of a good uniform is whether a non-fan would wear these. Honestly, I totally would. Everything about these are perfect, and I would not change a thing.