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Create your own Dennis Rodman hairstyle with this little coloring book

This is true art.

Thanks to ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary, our Sunday nights are now filled with two hours of drama-filled Bulls footage from their glory days. It’s a wonderful time each week that sports fans look forward to in the absence of any live sports happening these days.

This week’s episode mostly centered around Dennis Rodman as we got to relive his influence on those teams and the NBA itself. Looking back at Rodman now, his fashion sense was about 20 years ahead of his time. The hair color, the sunglasses, and the tattooed arms are exactly what you’d see in NBA fashion today.

So what better way to honor a true fashion trendsetter than to color your own Rodman hairstyles? Here are two different pages to let your imagination run wild. Please make sure to hang them on the fridge.

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