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Arike Ogunbowale’s back-to-back buzzer-beating shots need a deep rewind

Two of the greatest moments in sports history, in one weekend.

The 2018 NCAA women’s tournament final was one of a kind, and it culminated in a moment that seemed too incredible to be real. A wild, back-and-forth game hinged on one final possession.

The team defending that final play: Mississippi State, which reached the prior year’s final thanks to a historic shot, but fell short of a 2017 championship because of a heartbreaking defeat. After another exciting run (and another crucial clutch shot) in 2018, they needed one stop to avoid repeat heartbreak.

The team with the ball: Notre Dame, which dragged an injury-ravaged team to the final thanks to the heroics of Arike Ogunbowale ... and in this moment, turned to her once more.

This was an instant classic — one of the best moments in college basketball history. It’s even better when you take time to appreciate what came before it. Let’s rewind!

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