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We need to talk about the NC Dinos swole mascot

Now THAT’S a sexy dinosaur!

Hello, baseball fan — it is I, the disembodied voice of a media brand here to tell you why you should support the NC Dinos this season. See, the KBO League is our first chance to see live sports again with Korea’s season starting on Tuesday, and you need a team to support.

I am here to tell you why it should be the NC Dinos.

No. 1: The dinos’ mascot is a swole daddy.

Look at this jacked specimen! If this mascot were alive for the end of its people I have no doubt that asteroid would take one look at this cool drink of water and say “Nah, I’ll just crash into another planet.”

The NC Dinos event went far enough to answer the age old question: How would a long-necked dinosaur wear a necklace?

No. 2: There’s actually another dinosaur too.

While decided less of a zaddy, Dandi the Tyrannosaurus is playful and delightful in its own right.

No. 3: The NC Dinos have a dino dance set to “Baby Shark,” about how to practice correct personal hygiene during a pandemic, and it’s way too catchy.

For too long we have been conditioned to accept bland, boring, “CDC approved” messaging on correct hand washing technique. Like their approach to the pandemic itself, South Korea led the way with a song that’s fun, catchy, and makes this whole terrifying situation a little less scary.

No. 4: For real though, look at this swole daddy.

I can’t stop thinking about No. 1 on this list, so we’re back. Look how he casually adjusts his festive wristbands like it ain’t no thing. This is a hottie who knows how to work his accessories. Everything is working for you, dino.

No. 5: The mascots break dance, because of course they do.

It’s a crushing realization to come to the conclusion that a mascot is better at everything in life than you are, but here we are. These mascots are perfect in every single way, and have more fans than I ever will. Rightfully so.

No. 6: The team is owned by a video game company.

NCSoft, who created the Guild Wars series owns the NC Dinos, and that’s cool because who doesn’t like video games?

No. 7: One last look at our God.

That, is why we stan the NC Dinos.