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Murder hornets being killed by bees is oddly satisfying to watch

They did it.

If you’re anything like me you can’t handle even thinking about the possibility of murder hornets being the next thing to deal with. Luckily, Japanese bees have an answer.

Why yes, that is a big ol’ rugby scrum (or NFL pile, if you will) slowly causing a murder hornet to roast from the inside out amidst a cacophony of buzzing, the last thing that wasp will ever hear. I know it’s weird to take joy in such a video, but I hate murder and I hate hornets — so I have a natural predilection to detest murder hornets.

Now we just need to teach our lazy, flower-loving Western honey bees how to work together to be unstoppable killing machines. I don’t know if bees use the internet, or whether this is more of a shadowy bee-filled dark web situation, but if you took up beekeeping during quarantine, please play this video for your hive.