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How this Florida Man landed his car on top of two others: An Investigation

How was this possible?

A traffic accident in Florida has led to one of the most confusing scenarios of 2020. On Tuesday a driver in Citrus County put their car in reverse at a high rate of speed, jumping the curb and landing on two parked cars.

The problem is: This doesn’t make any sense. There is woeful little information about how this car ended up positioned like it is on top of two parked cars, and despite there being video evidence of the car reversing, it doesn’t clear this up.

A statement by law enforcement to Fox 35 in Orlando left more questions that it answered:

“Then, they said, he “cut the wheel” and continued reversing around the curve and through the intersection until he hopped the curb back into the SunTrust parking lot along Forest Ridge Boulevard.”

Let’s break it down

In an effort to better understand how this happened I went to Google Maps for answers.

This is the intersection of N Forest Ridge Blvd and 486 where the incident took place. From eyewitness video we know the car reversed out of the parking lot, crossed Forest Ridge, turned back towards the SunTrust, jumped the curb and landed on the cars. Here’s what I believe that looks like after cross-referencing the video and the map:

While this might make sense, it doesn’t explain one key problem: How did the car land on the hoods of the parked cars, which both backed into parking spots, and land facing the same direction?

There is no other curb the car could have jumped from Forest Ridge, and the video supports this. The only way the war could have landed the way it did is if it got SERIOUS air, did a 180 while flying and landed on the front-side of the cars facing the same direction.

This all seems impossible, even reversing at a high rate of speed. The car in question was a Cadillac CTS — not a light car. It has a curb weight ranging anywhere from 3,652 to 4,016 lbs. Now, I’m no mathematician, but this leads to the basic idea that the car needed to be traveling at a blistering speed to achieve the launch required to clear the rear of the cars, and land front-facing. It simply seems impossible. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

Like Occam explained to us with his razor, the most obvious answer is probably the correct one: Florida is full of witches, wizards and warlocks.