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How Anderson Silva tarnished his once-perfect legacy

The Spider wanted to retire. Instead, he fought his way into trouble.

In 2013, Anderson Silva arguably sat higher atop the UFC than anyone had before. The top pound-for-pound fighter in the sport, considered by many to be the greatest of all time, his ascent seemed unstoppable.

Silva earned the Middleweight title in 2006, then defended it over and over and over and then for good measure took some fights at light-heavyweight along the way. He won those too. He owned the UFC’s longest winning streak ever, defended his middleweight championship belt a record 10 times, and he did it regularly in remarkable fashion.

At 37-years old, without a blemish on his UFC career, Silva looked forward to retiring and spending time with the family that fighting had kept him from. Normally when you hear that someone has nothing left to prove, it’s a cliche, but for Silva that was the plain truth. Or at least, he had nothing left to prove to anyone but himself. Word of warning: that’s a good way to stumble into your own demise. Watch this episode of Collapse to find out exactly how it went down.

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