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Cyclist crashes off bridge in chilling video during Il Lombardia

The 20-year-old is expected to make a full recovery after breaking his pelvis and bruising a lung.

Belgian cyclist Remco Evenepoel suffered one of the most terrifying crashes in cycling history over the weekend when the 20-year-old hit a bridge and fell over the side during the Il Lombardia.

Arial photography showed Evenepoel hit the side of a bridge as it narrowed during the descent of Muro di Sormano, in Northern Italy. The crash threw Evenepoel over the side of the bridge, and down into a ravine below. Thankfully emergency services were on hand to get to the cyclist quickly and rush him to hospital, where it was revealed he suffered a broken pelvis and a bruised lung — effectively ending his season. However, that was of little concern to his manager Patrick Lefevre:

“What happens to his season? I don’t care. I really don’t. I’m glad he’s still alive.”

The crash continues to raise safety questions inside the sport. Part of the appeal and romance of cycling comes from picturesque journeys through large swathes of untouched countryside, but as the sport evolves there are increasing risks. High speed descents, like the one Evenepoel was participating in, are being pushed to the limits by athlete skill and technological advancement. This leads to faster speeds, less room for error, and greater risks should the athlete misjudge a turn, or there be some form of mechanical failure.

Evenepoel’s crash was the second large-scale wreck in cycling in 10 days. Cyclist Fabio Jakobsen required extensive facial surgery following a wreck in the Tour de Poland after he was cut off and crashed through a roadside barricade before being airlifted to hospital, also saying he felt lucky to be alive.

Thankfully for Evenepoel the only thing lost is his season. The promising young cyclist is seen as one of the future cornerstones of the sport, and is expected to make a full recovery.