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Katie Ledecky is swimming with a glass of chocolate milk on her head


In case you needed some reassurance that magic is real, here’s Katie Ledecky swimming a lap of an Olympic pool with an open glass of milk balanced on her head.

I’m going to work under the assumption that this is real, and not a viral marketing attempt by Big Milk — because, frankly, I need this to be real. There is nothing quite as joyous as the possibility that anyone could achieve a feat like this, even Katie Ledecky, because it seems utterly impossible.

I don’t know if I could reliably walk down a flight of stairs while holding a glass of milk without tripping and spilling it all over myself, let alone swim an entire pool. Let’s be real, I don’t know if I could even swim the length of a pool, but I digress. Either way this requires a stunning amount of core strength and balance, which seems impossible all while keeping a glass of milk on your head.

Of course, the stakes are high here too. If that milk falls in the water then someone is going to have a really bad day trying to work out whether the pool filters can adequately remove chocolate milk well enough that the pool doesn’t need to be drained.