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This new Denver Broncos hat has the best typo ever

A failed hat taught us to love.

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Hat maker New Era released a new piece of apparel for one of the NFL’s most popular teams, but with one problem. Please say hello to ... THE DENVER BONCOS.

Users on Reddit were the first to catch the problem with the hat listed on the Broncos team shop. Everything about this whole scenario is incredible. Not only is it delightful to see a hat go through multiple layers of checks and still miss an ‘R,’ but damn the name BONCOS is so fun to say.

What’s a BONCO? Nobody really knows. I like to imagine it’s a horse-riding clown who moved on from an unsuccessful children’s television career to become the mascot on an NFL team. Even as a lifelong Carolina Panthers fan I’m ready to say “GO BONCOS!” with gusto, because the BONCOS are everything good in this world.

Please enjoy this hat while it lasts, because I know New Era and the Broncos are going to kill this link quickly.