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A majestic parrot landed on a soccer player’s head mid-match

This bird just wanted attention imo.

Sports delays happen due to all sorts of reasons, but rarely a parrot landing.

A women’s soccer match in Brazil was paused over the weekend when a blue and gold macaw landed on the head of Bruna Benites. Being in a spot of bother, the bird was offered the nearest head-shaped object to move to, in this case the ball. It liked the ball for a second, before majestically leaving the game — probably to find another head to land on.

Benites said on her Instagram that the parrot is often a visitor to the stadium, and is a pet of a local family. However, the bird decided it would like to be a part of the game, flying over the pitch and landing on her head before being coaxed off out of the stadium.

I think it would be kinda neat to have a parrot land on my head ... but I’m also against the idea of talons being on my head. It’s a real conundrum.