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The NFL gave Nickelodeon its first F-bomb

You can’t do that on television.

They say kids learn a lot from TV, and Cordarelle Patterson taught the youth plenty if they were watching Bears vs. Saints on Nickelodeon.

You know there had to be a meeting this week to discuss what would happen if someone swore over a live mic ... or not, because nobody really knew how to handle this. Nate Burleson tried to just laugh it off, frozen in the moment, while the rest of the crew just opted for silence.

I think this was a missed opportunity, personally. All game long Nickeldeon has been killing it with the presentation, including Young Shelton turning up to tell the kids what a flag means on the football field. They could have had that little nerd give us the definition of swear words, their first usage in the english language, and turned this lemon into lemonade. Alas, it didn’t happen.

Maybe save the potty mouth for Nick at Nite, next time, Cordarelle.