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The Eagles suspicious loss sends Washington to the playoffs

The Eagles raised eyebrows and prevented the Giants from winning the East...

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Washington Football Team had one job: beat the Philadelphia Eagles and clinch the NFC East. They accomplished that goal with a 20-14 win that sends them to the playoffs, but how they were potentially aided in that quest has been a source of great debate.

Did the Eagles tank? Head coach Doug Pederson can deny it all he likes, but it certainly looked like it on Sunday night. Is it a stain on the NFL? Some people would argue it is, but that might be a tad dramatic.

If the Eagles had won they’d be saddled with the 9th overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. The loss improved that slot to 6th overall. Certainly there was an incentive to tank for the Eagles, much to the chagrin of New York Giants fans and players that took to social media to vent about the Eagles questionable antics.

Is tanking a rare thing or more common than we realize? Is it a mockery or an accepted maneuver to gain an advantage in the future? We discussed that and much more on the newest episode of The SB Nation NFL Show, with me, RJ Ochoa, and Pete Sweeney making our cases.

Other topics on the show include:

  • There are several open general manager and coaching jobs after the league cleaned house... who fits where?!
  • The Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans brought all the drama in a game that resulted in the Titans clinching the AFC North. Buck Reising stopped by to give his thoughts on how it went down and what to expect from the Titans in the playoffs.
  • We now know the playoff matchups for next weekend... thoughts?

You can hear those discussions and much more by listening to The SB Nation NFL Show! Hear it on the media player below and subscribe on your favorite podcast app!