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Matthew Dellavedova got posterized so badly his teammate started a fight

Please enjoy.

Matthew Dellavedova is playing in Australia’s NBL this season and got yammed on so badly it started a brawl. If you detest Delly, you’re in for a treat.

Delly’s team, Melbourne United were playing the Southeast Melbourne Phoenix when a turnover at halfcourt presented forward Mitch Creek with a scenario dozens of NBA players can only dream about: Getting to obliterate Delly.

To his credit, Dellavedova stood his ground, but it didn’t exactly go well. Creek skied over the guard and knocked him to the floor, before rubbing it in, as you’d expect someone to who just got to dunk on one of the most reviled basketball players of the past 10 years.

Feeling the need to defend his teammate, forward Mason Peatling knocked Creek to the floor, causing things to pop off between the sides. After the game Creek didn’t mince his words following the near-brawl, saying he was going to defend himself, his teammates and that the shoulder check crossed the line.

It’s without a doubt the best dunk in the NBL this season, and the recipient makes it all the better. The Phoenix would go on to win 94-86.